The company is led by David Kington with over 30+ years experience in building and growing sales channels with recent emphasis on the inside sales channel.

Primary areas of concentration over the past 30 years include all aspects of retail energy and telecom including commercial, residential, home service and smart home development. During this period thousands of customers have been acquired with gross sales revenue results in excess of 250 million dollars.

The mission has always been to raise the acquisition bar through innovative sales tactics that create ”best in class” sales channels. These channels continue to surpass the expectations of customers, increase the value add and reduce the cost to serve.

The sales process is further enhanced through extensive knowledge in the regulatory and compliance space as well as active campaign management that includes script development, coaching, call monitoring and results management. All associated projects are designed to exceed the budgeted cost to acquire and sales results assigned for the channel.

Summary of Experience

  • Over 30 years of sales and sales leadership
  • Extensive training and coaching background
  • Specialist in up sell, cross sell, and win back programs
  • Hands-on implementation sales programs
  • Expert in TCPA and PCI compliance standards
  • Alternate channel development and execution;
    • Inside sales
    • Outside sales
    • Door to door
        • Commercial
        • Residential

Why Us?

  • Immediate improvement in sales results
  • Review current programs and identify areas for improvement
  • Quality and compliance verification
  • Identify areas for training and development
  • Interpretation of current reporting